The inaugural Digital PM Summit was a smashing success, but we’re just getting started.

The inaugural Digital PM Summit was a big hit. Held in Philadelphia in the fall of 2013, the event was created to celebrate and foster a growing community of people who manage all things digital. Attendance was limited in size to encourage conversation and a feeling of inclusiveness and held at the studios of WHYY. Attendees enjoyed engaging presentations and took part in conversations that explored a range of project management related topics, from process to PM Tools to managing content. The group was comprised of digital project managers, product managers, CEOs, and content strategists from 5 different countries and all over the United States.

The best part of this event? The conversations and connections that began at our two-day event have continued: relationships were formed, twitter lists were created, and best of all, new blogs and ideas have been established.

Given the positive feedback and outpouring of support from the PM community for this first event, we are committed to host another Summit in 2014! We’re excited for what the community will do next, and we can’t wait to host our next Digital PM Summit.

Until then, please enjoy this post-event site that recaps our inaugural event with stories and photos from Happy Cog, fellow project managers, and Summit attendees. We hope you’ll join the ongoing conversations. Hop on Twitter and introduce yourself to the growing community of digital project managers and keep up with our blog.


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